Saturday, January 9, 2010


My bookcase that I got for my birthday (back in September) has finally been assembled and filled (somewhat). And I have come to the conclusion that I most definitely need more books. I'm guessing a trip to di and the amazing gw are going to be put on my list of things to do! They have the most amazing deals there I love it! (I.e. hardback davinci code $1.99!!!)

Any ideas of books that should be added to my collection are always welcome.

I want to one day (sooner rather than later) have my walls of my bedroom filled with bookcases. And the only books I want on those shelves are books I have read and enjoyed! Maybe one day I will have my books organized like Barnes and Noble:) with a religion section and a teen and kids section. Then maybe romantic and comedy and probably some self-help mixed in between. All of course either in alphabetical order or by rating (I plan on giving a 5 star rating system to all my books. No books under 3 stars allowed!)

Right now my bookcase is organized by :

Top shelf- haven't read but planning on it

Second shelf- read and awesome

Third shelf- read kiddish books (including picture books etc.)

4th sheld- old advanced reading copies from back in the day when I was a volunteer for the library that I haven't decided whether I want to read yet or not.

5th shelf- TBA

PS... reading Hunger Games right now.  Holy COW awesome. Soon good and way out of my typical comfort zone but definitely a 4-5 star book already. And what an intense movie this would be. AWESOME. LOOOOOVE it!


Inside A Book said...

Yippee!! A convert to Hunger Games!! I got a copy for Dad at Bookman's last Saturday. I was floored to find it there and he was excited.

The bookshelf looks awesome. I love the black/brown color. Write the color down so you can get matching ones in the future!!

I'm ready to go to DI, GW or Savers to look for more books almost anytime!! Call me....

I got the book that was the inspiration for the movie The Blindside in the mail the other day. Just watched a 20/20 on the real story too. You would really like it. Now another book to read, hmmm

Heather said...

you must have gotten to a really good part to convert to you likeing Hunger games in the last week. LOL. And YES!! It would be a much much better movie than Twilight!

Liz said...

You of course need Harry Potter. I just got Dan the LOTR books so you'll have to see if he likes them. Eh, who am I kidding, I don't read anything else but scriptures!