Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I might have a problem....

I have a slight obsession with cupcake rings (you know those plastic rings they put in the frosting?)

Yes I love them. I specifically remember when the bears and colts played in the Superbowl I had one that was bears colors that I wore for weeks on end.

Today, was a birthday in one of my classes and the kid brought, what do You know? CUPCAKES.

In fact he brought FOUR boxes of cupcakes. Each with a different ring!  There was x-men, Superman, Star trek, and of course ironman.

I obviously chose Tony starks iron face because it was, well, AWESOME. But let me tell you it was still a difficult decision. Between the Superman symbol an the star trek arrow thingy anything would've looked amazing on my finger. But you can't fight the fact that iron man's face looks equally amazing.

Yes I do have a slight problem. But I'm okay with that.

Plus I've got an ironman ring which technically makes me awesome.

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Domanique said...

HAHAHA we could always do cupcakes for your birthday.