Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big and Shiny and Just the Way I Like it.

My ring right now is fantastic. It is huge and shiny and turns my finger green:] just the way i like it! YAY FOR WALMART FAKEY RINGS! i absolutely love it.


Merrill and Mary said...

You crack me up... I love it... I was hoping you would post a picture of it... oh and by the way... .hurray hurray hurray for getting engaged. I'm so happy for you!

Merrill and Mary said...

We can totally go shopping! That would be way fun... I'm all about cheap too... maybe after all the craziness of you wisdom teeth out etc. I was thinking of dropping of my dress for you tonight for you to try on... I'll call your mom and see when you guys will be home... Oh I had this great idea for a picture of you two at the place Kyle proposed to you at... are you up for the treak up there?