Sunday, November 23, 2008

RING! RING! Is that the phone? Diamonds are calling!

The night after we got engaged. I am attempting to show off my fabulous Wal-Mart ring, and Kyle is attempting to eat my face.. Typical. ;]

So we finally got a ring. Well actually we got it over a week ago... hahaha but i decided to tell you today. it's GORGEOUS. i absolutely love it! it's in the shop right now getting a new diamond :[ I miss it terribly!!! but I am excited to get an emerald cut diamond in place of my round cut!
I dont have a solitaire ring but this is what an emerald cut looks like:] My ring is from Samuels Jewlers. We found it at Schubach in Utah a few months back and got it here after Kyle proposed! (same company just kept the schubach name in Utah)
Yes that is my baby! haha. It doesn't come with a matching band so we added a chevron band to either side to complete the look i think they look great together!
I dont have a picture of them all together yet because its sadly in the shop but i promise you it looks SOOOO good! I am very excited to be getting the final finishing touches completed:] We will probably sodder it together right before or right after the wedding so it all sticks together! I am so happy its all so exciting!

The first day I got the engagement ring i got one chevron band with it too. All night i wore both bands and loved it. The next day my mom told me to take off the chevron band and save it for the wedding day. So i took it off and now the engagement band alone looks sooo lonely:[ Its so sad...

I still need to get Kyle's ring, though I will probably wait for that until January. The one we both like is gorgeous! It's from Kay Jewlers and it's niiiiiice. i like it alot.
It looks very similar to this band just ALOT cheaper and i believe the diamonds are princess cut rather than round. I would show you the Kay one, but sadly, the website is down for routine maintenance and I dont have the patience to wait for it!

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