Friday, May 15, 2009

Multiple Personalities? possibly...


Dear Self,

I Just wanted to write you a note today to discuss some things.

Let's start with the bad because then at least the note will end on a happier note when I tell you the good things.

I hate how lazy you are. The house is a disaster. You say it everyday that the downstairs && the laundry are ridiculous. Yet, that's not enough to motivate you.

I hate that you lose control- of your weight, your emotions, && your esteem. Get a hold of yourself or get some help.

I hate your selfishness. Kyle needs a truck way more than you need a camera, or a fish tank, or a bookcase. Yet you are constantly pestering him!!

On the other hand,
I do like that you started a load last night and moved loads so that you would have clean G's this morning:]

&& that you are writing your thank you notes [finally]

&& from time to time your handwriting looks pretty decent.

Self, I just wanted to thank you for cleaning downstairs last night and working out a chore schedule with Kyle even if cleaning the kitchen and folding the laundry sucks majorly

Thanks for getting up on time this morning, even though sleep sounded so much better.

Thanks for putting on Aloe Vera last night.. It really helps the sun burn

Thanks for filling the car with gas yesterday even though you were already running late

Thanks especially for not killing your autistic student yet [even though he may drive you completely NUTTERS some days] because he is the reason you get paid...

&& thanks for listening to John Jay && Rich in the morning. It makes the drive to work so much more enjoyable.

Thanks Self!

Your Other Half

[I think everyone should try this.]


Domanique said...

This made me happy!

Merrill and Mary said...

That is cute... thanks for sharing... i think we can all realate in some way... ps look for books shelfs under the free section on craiglist? or search craigslist and put a 10 dollar max or something? Sometimes people who have them listed at 30 will sell for 20 just ask... take care

beckaboots said...

There is always something that I need to do better and I always feel like I need to be a better wife. I never thought about looking at the positive that I do! That is a good idea....maybe it will motivate me :)

Inside A Book said...

You are awesome. I love reading your blog because it's ALMOST as good as talking to you everyday.
I need to try this. I think we all need to be more gentle with ourselves. We are all traveling a hard road. We need to celebrate the positives instead of picking on ourselves.
Keep it up. You make me smile :)

Liz said...

I love this blog--so cute. I also am wondering how to put a cool picture like yours up top. I don't know how and I'm trying to give our (my) blog a makeover. I like yours!