Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Husband:]

Can you believe it has been 6 months already?

It so does not feel like 1/2 of a year has gone by since we tied the knot!!

I am so excited for ice cream tonight
[with all the toppings my tummers can stand]

And I am so excited to be married to you for time and all eternity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[can't you tell??]

Thanks husband for being patient-er than you should with me :]

Thanks for kisses every night
and a big SQUEEZE before passing out

Thanks for listening to me stumble over my words night after night as I read you HP1

Thanks for fixing the computer and helping make w/h/j able to download his work to the desktop

Thanks for doing the dishes tonight while I was up here blogging :P

&& Thanks for forgiving me on Monday after I got frustrated with you being on the phone for sooooooooooooo loooong!

[gimme a break. w/h/j wasnt working and i was freaking out and needed serious help and husband was on the phone for what he said was only 15 min but I swear it was more like an hour]

[[Guess what Husband??
if this works [which i pray it does]
This will post at
9:45 AM
the exact time that we were married six months ago:]
aren't I so clever???]]

I lovers you:]

Thanks for a great six months and here is to eternity!!


beckaboots said...

Happy 6 months lovley!

greatgoogamooga said...

I hope when I get married my husband and I can be as adorable as you guys. :)

Anonymous said...

looks like it worked posted right at 9:45 am. how on earth did you do that? You are too cute! I am glad i stumbled upon your blog, and thought I dont knwo you in person yet, you are a pretty cool gal. Looking forward to reading your blog as your next 6 months with the hubby progress. :) Enjoy your anniversary!

Inside A Book said...

Happy Day! I love you both!
I can't believe it has gone so fast...we were leaving for Utah at this time last year and I had never seen you cry your eyes out so. It about wrenched my heart in two.

How blessed you are. Hug him extra tight tonight!

Jenn said...

Check us out!

Tarah said...

Wow. I remember you got married while we were in school last year! Time sure does fly fast! Congratulations!