Tuesday, December 29, 2009


In attempt to actually fulfill my resolutions I am here blogging for you right now... The problem is, as I am writing this, I am not managing my time well and therefore not fulfilling one of my resolutions! Thus canceling both out and failing to improve all together.
I had an interview today:] It was on the phone and it went awesomely.:]:]
I will be going in for the second interview sometime next week to meet with them in person.:]
It is a full time position.:]:]
2 dollars more an hour than i make now:]:]
and has benefits from the START.:]:]:]:]:]
Sadly, it does require working on Sundays from time to time. [maybe more]
I guess I will have to pray about it and see.
But what an IDEAL job otherwise.
oh, did I mention the TUITION REIMBURSEMENT??
AND Monday through Thursday, the shift doesn't start until ELEVEN AM????? [THAT my friends is pure heaven]
again, I guess we will have to pray about it and see...:[

stupid morals. ruining everything fun


Anonymous said...

I live by a quote that may help you get through this decision...

"Do what you dont want to do for a little while so you never have to do it again"

If the shift is temporary it may be ok to deal with in order to put yourself in a better position for a future date.

Where is the job at?

Liz said...

What's the job? Benefits from the start? Cool!