Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bookcase dos

After a 3 hour deep clean with husband, more books were discovered throughout my house and my original plan was foiled.  I.had to reorganize the whole lot!

My newly organized bookshelf consists of:

Top shelf- religious and books that I really really want to read

2nd shelf- awesome books I have read

3rd shelf- Kyle's books and kids books

4th shelf-  some advanced reading copies that I decided to keep (I weeded out quite a few) and other books that I want to read but am not particularly inclined to right now. And picture books that will be in need of a new home (aka a more kiddish bookshelf )

5th shelf- photoalbums and memory books



beckaboots said...

I am not organized at all. It's just, books on bookshelf! Haha but I want every wall to have bookshelves and books everywhere. Haha.
ANNNDDD if you think hunger games leaves you hanging, you won't like how catching fire ends! I can't wait until she finishes it all with the last of the trio.

Marry said...

We got our blog made into a book at Blurb and I love it! I'll be doing a post on it once I get my book in the mail. I so hope it comes this week.